When It Comes To Your Trash Cans, Don’t Compromise – Sanitize!

No one really thinks about their trash cans, until they have to deal with them and if you’re anything like we were when we first heard about this service, you probably think that you only need your trash cans cleaned once. Well… think again! Just like brushing your teeth or other maintenance, when you’re dealing with bacteria and odor, it requires regular maintenance to stay SHINY CANS clean!

Fighting Bacteria In An Eco-Friendly Way!

We are a full service, environmentally safe trash can cleaning and sanitization company. Our cleaning system kills about 99.9% of the bacteria currently living in your cans by heating the water to over 190 degrees. We have built a reputation for ourselves by providing quality services at competitive prices. And we take pride in the fact that our services not only satisfy our clients, they also help preserve the planet. Our trucks are Eco-friendly, and will leave you with cans that are 99% germ-free!