How It Works

Our specially manufactured vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. Our trucks are also outfitted with a wastewater recovery system meaning that we can remove the excess water from the cleaning site – nothing goes into your drainage system. No inconveniences or obnoxious messes to you! Our trucks provide clean and healthy results and don't allow property or storm drain contamination.


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    Position The Cans


    We start by attaching your bin to our truck's hydraulic grabber. This equipment safely and securely grips your containers to make lifting easy.

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    Clean the Outside of the Can


    Our Technician cleans the outside of your bin so it’s sparkling clean.

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    Load The Bins


    At this stage, the hydraulic grabber lifts your trash cans and places them over the truck, at an angle that enables it to wash every corner.

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    High-Pressure Cleaning Begins


    This is where the magic happens. Our cleaning system uses eco-friendly cleaning agents and 190 degree water to wash and sanitize the cans, getting rid of up to 99.9% of the harmful germs and bacteria commonly in trash cans.

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    Final Results


    Beautiful cans await! After thoroughly washing your cans, we put them back where they initially were. We leave behind trash cans that are deodorized, germ-free and sparkling clean!